Education: Equipping students to learn

In regions marred by economic turmoil and conflict, MCC addresses the education crisis. The story of 12-year-old refugee Raymond Khaled John Al-Hajana from Sudan reflects the impact of MCC's initiatives. Missing years of education due to war's scars, he found a rare chance to catch up through MCC partners in Egypt. Initiatives in Lebanon and South Sudan dismantle barriers for young learners, while displaced students in the Democratic Republic of the Congo overcome challenges in camps. MCC's commitment extends to providing school supplies, food, and hygiene in South Sudan, tackling key barriers to education. These projects, driven by a collective commitment to brighter futures, go beyond education provision—they restore hope, break circumstances' shackles, and give children a chance to build better futures. Investing in education becomes an investment in the resilience and potential of every child yearning to learn and grow.