Refugee Sponsorship: Transformative journeys to new beginnings

In a world marked by migration, MCC's Refugee Sponsorship Program stands out as a transformative force. Youssef Khater's poignant journey from war-torn Syria to Winnipeg epitomizes the program's impact. Fleeing conflict with his deaf siblings, Youssef's struggle for education found solace in Canada. Resettling through MCC's sponsorship, he discovered belonging at the Kildonan MCC Thrift Shop, where volunteering became a stepping stone to employment and community support. Amid language barriers, the thrift shop became a universal language of kindness, offering not just a livelihood but a family. Youssef's story reflects the heart of refugee sponsorship – ordinary citizens making a radical impact. MCC's program fosters positive change locally and connects a global community shaping the discourse on refugees. It's not just charity; it's an investment in a brighter, more harmonious future, amplifying unique talents and resilience that strengthen our interconnected neighborhoods. Explore Youssef's journey. Join MCC in reshaping narratives and building a more compassionate world through refugee sponsorship. Learn more at