Stopping Weekend Hunger

Help us reach our goal of $800 to provide weekend food for one more local child for a whole year!

It’s hard to believe children in our very own community go hungry, but it's a reality faced by children each and every day. It’s not that parents do not want to feed their kids….they can’t. The worsening economy, job loss, working poor, illness, mental health, marriage breakdown or those fleeing their home country to seek safe refuge in Canada, are some of the reasons a parent will turn to Food4Kids for support. For every $15 donated to our program, we can provide a weekend food bag of healthy, nutritious food for a child in need to take home from school on a Friday to help them through the weekend. For $800, we can provide weekend food to a child for a whole year. Help us feed one more child! Because No Child in Our Community Should Go Hungry.